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Realized a few days ago that I’ve been participating in more verbal banter, that things look a bit brighter and slightly more optimistic… and that I’ve been singing more (in the car/shower/by myself). During work today, I met with a new student, we had a fantastic therapy session, and I found it both energizing and fun. Which helped me realize that the heavy cloud, from under which I’ve been operating over the past few months, has lifted. I’m lighter, my head isn’t fuzzy, and I’m starting to feel a bit more creative… lesson planning is not incredibly difficult nor emotionally draining… boundaries are easier to identify and keep, and…well… I’m more present. I realized, too, that traditionally simple tasks were daunting… and now I don’t even notice doing them. It’s validating to know that even if I made a poor choice about who to spend time with in the past, after I rid that person from my life, I’m able to come back a bit wiser and mostly unscathed. I’m enjoying breathing deeply with a lighter head and a freer spirit…and, well, just wanted to share the light news.
take care of you.